About Tomeka

Luxury & Adventure Insider

Tomeka Jones is an award-winning journalist, originally from the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado, currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Tomeka is a lifelong traveler and is passionate about sharing her globe-trotting adventures with audiences throughout the world. Before launching her own travel brand, Tomeka spent 8 years covering a variety of national and international travel stories for CNN, one of the most prestigious media companies in the world.

Helping Brands and Businesses
As a community connector in the travel space, Tomeka helps link brands and businesses with Black, Indigenous, and People of Color while also familiarizing BIPOC travelers with luxury, cultural, and adventure experiences.
Tomeka's High-Profile Projects
Tomeka’s high-profile projects include Travel in Style with Tomeka: Breckenridge; CNN Travel Luxe Series: Bangkok, Napa Valley, and Turks & Caicos Islands where she traveled to each destination to report on 5-Star hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, and luxury adventures. Tomeka’s storytelling covers a wide range of topics from business and leisure travel to health and wellness, luxury travel and CEO hospitality profiles.

My Story

How I Got Started

In 2021, while working from home during the pandemic, a CNN Airport Network team meeting invitation hit my inbox I tried to be optimistic. However, 24 hours later, my colleagues and I were all laid off. My dream job as a reporter and producer covering travel stories around the world was over… Well at least at CNN. #Winkwink

Tomeka Jones, LLC

I launched Tomeka Jones, LLC in May 2021 with the intent of attracting businesses and professionals in the travel industry to partner with me to curate feel-good stories. By July, I went LIVE on multiple social media platforms with a new show called, Travel & Lifestyle Conversations. The 13 episode online LIVE show turned podcast delivered compelling and engaging conversations with experts and influencers in the travel, wellness, hospitality, and culinary industries.

Welcome to Travel in Style with Tomeka!

This wasn’t enough for me! I decided, in early 2022, I needed to create a brand more focused on helping to bridge the gap for black and brown travelers under-represented in luxury and adventure travel spaces.

So Wallah! Welcome to Travel in Style with Tomeka! I’m Tomeka, your luxury and adventure travel insider and community connector. Here to expose you to the ritziest and thrill-seeking experiences around the world. I’ll share 5-Star hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, wellness retreats, and unique attractions – all ventures committed to diversity and inclusivity.

Let’s GO!


“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

Maya Angelou

What I Do

Travel Expert, Visual Storyteller, Content Creator

I partner with exclusive travel brands to help tell their stories to a broad audience of travel enthusiasts. My comprehensive multimedia storytelling services include videography, producing, writing, and delivering brand-approved, pre-packaged content to top broadcast networks. I also work with tourism and hospitality organizations to strategically reach a client’s target demographics through visual storytelling and brand spokesperson collaborations.